Player N/A
Campaign Songhaven
Title N/A
Race Beast
Class Beast
Age Incalculable
Gender Female (assumed)
Height 6'1"(broken form), ~40 feet (true form)
Weight ~ 100lbs (broken form), ?? (true form)
Hair Color Orange (assumed)
Eye Color Blue (assumed)
Family Aficia (sister?)
Affiliation Beasts
Alignment CE

A strange and unique Beast from Violl's Garden, whose broken form was apparently a direct result of Aficia's death and subsequent rebirth.

History Edit

Nothing is known about who or what Adagio may have been previously, her broken form having succumbed to madness long ago. She haunted the nightmares of the Irotori girl Aficia from the moment of her rebirth, always pleading for the girl to return 'her life, her song', so that she could assume her true form once more.

In-Game Edit

The Four Rogues Edit

Upon their arrival at the Temple of Violl, the rogues found that, unfortunately, Aficia had already completed her merge with Adagio. Despite this, however, the Irotori girl had regrets about what she had done and, with what little control she still possessed, begged the rogues to kill Adagio, even if it meant her own life. Thankfully, they were able to destroy Adagio without killing Aficia. Her body decomposed into blood - with no chance of return.

The Sunday Crew Edit

Summoned by Aficia's song, Adagio rose from within the Temple of Violl to merge with Aficia. The Irotori girl, though possessing little control over Adagio's full form, managed to break through once the Metronome was utilized; ultimately helping her friends to control the Beast and save the Garden. Her body decomposed rapidly into nothing more than blood - with no chance of return.

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