Adalicia von Wiegand
"I could probably kill you in, like, under a minute! But it's cool, I probably won't."
Player N/A
Campaign Songhaven
Title Lady (begrudgingly)
Race High Elf (?)
Class Fighter
Age  ??
Gender F
Height 5'4"
Weight  ??
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Family  ??
Affiliation Court of the Frozen Heart
Alignment CN

Adalicia von Wiegand is a priestess of Istus and one of the members of the Court of the Frozen Heart. Not one to mince words, she takes everything with a grain of salt and generally speaks without thinking, often accidentally insulting others in the process. Though mostly harmless, she sometimes passively threatens people with shocking phrases such as "I've seen the future, and I'm going to kill you!" or "You can try as hard as you want, but you can never truly trust in your false Gods." She tends to handwave these statements moments after speaking them, though it can be difficult to figure out whether or not she's just kidding.

Has a habit of nicknaming almost everyone she meets, and doesn't particularly care whether or not they actually like the nickname given. Despite her flippant attitude, she is just as loyal and devoted to Nola Dovreisi as the other Frozen Hearts, and treats them as her family.

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