Akah Vis
"Do unto others what they deserve. No more, no less."
Player Cas
Campaign Spite Crew Number Four
Title Lord
Race Dullahan
Class Barbarian
Age Not Applicable
Gender Male
Height 6'3 (head not included)
Weight  ???
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Family Harmony Killanen, Osayah Scavo
Affiliation The Zusem family
Alignment CN
Tall, dark, and handsome (by most descriptions), Akah Vis is a kind but distant dullahan who travels in the company of Harmony Killanen and Osayah Scavo. Though he initially harbored a distaste for elves due to a personal grudge, his initial forced mission with the Spite Crew pushed him to realize that there were more important things to worry about in the world than race.

Haunted by a past he could not remember and hunting the person who killed him, Akah Vis was initially led astray about his history by a travelling mystic. It was only thanks to the work of his friends and the angel Persephone that he was able to finally recall the identity of his killer, as well as his previous position of royal guard to the Zusem family. His pain soothed, he finally set aside his vengeful ways as he came to understand that violence was not the answer to all issues.

After his adventure he is (mostly) retired, living quietly in the Canopy and paying regular visits to his old friends in Songhaven below.

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