Avandin Cuorre
"The only thing that stands in the way of invention is a lack of faith in one's own abilities."
Player N/A
Campaign Songhaven
Title Elder
Race Elder Giant
Class Elder Giant
Age N/A
Gender Male (Trans)
Height 5'11" (Human form) ~40'3" ('Giant' form)
Weight  ??
Hair Color Dark Blue
Eye Color Teal
Family Honey (sister), Violl Forte (brother), Eoin Aigne (brother), Dominic Stacey (boyfriend)
Affiliation The Sireni
Alignment  ??

The Elder Giant of Torrine. A brilliant inventor, he's known best for his tactical well as his 'creative' use of his powers. With the help of his mortal partner Dominic Stacey, Avandin is known to concoct wild schemes, brilliant plans, and absolutely ridiculous ideas - and somehow, they all work flawlessly. He alternates between spending his time in the Sea of Maridia and in Perla, but apparently runs all around Torrine quite a lot.

A bit scatterbrained, he has several workshops scattered throughout the nation so that he can work on new inventions at any time. It seems as though he can be hard to get through to - though, when the situation calls for it, he's as capable as the rest of his siblings in leading the people. He has the least qualms with his history and rebirth as an Elder Giant, finding no pain or worry in the way he died, or the way he was reborn. Though generally peaceful, he does seem to anger quickly when being challenged on the possibilities of what can and cannot be invented - firmly believing that nothing can or should stop invention beyond divine intervention.

He is singlehandedly responsible for the creation of the Sireni race, and apparently created them as a gift to Dominic Stacey. He has been asked politely not to just 'create' any more races by his brother Eoin, however, and seems to be, so far, following that directive.

His powers seem more ambiguous than those of his siblings, with no one being exactly certain of what they precisely encapsulate.

His festival, Sempremi, is held on 13th Miserari (on land), and on 17th Miserari (below the sea.)

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