Benissimo von Ordanza
Player N/A
Campaign Songhaven
Title Lord
Race  ??
Class Upper (get it)
Age Suspicious
Gender Male
Height As tall as is currently in fashion
Weight  ??
Hair Color Gold (non-natural)
Eye Color Gold (non-natural)
Family None known
Affiliation Himself
Alignment LG
The richest man in all of Songhaven. Best known for writing notoriously bad plays and paying other rich people to come watch them, as well as running a museum of himself out of his own home. Owns his own private island in Torrine named "The Jewel of Torrine", where access for anyone but himself and his servants is expressly forbidden.

He's most often seen dressed in ensembles of all gold clothing, including dyeing his hair and re-coloring his eyes to match the look.

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