The calendar of Songhaven has 7 months, with each month having 25 to 26 days; there are 177 days in a year. The months are named for the solfeggio; notes on a scale. The date is marked with the number first, followed by the month - 16th Doyana, 7th Miserari, 20th Solatine, etc...

The days of the week are named for famed, ancient composers - Handei, Byrdei, Chodei, Betadei, Debudei, Ravedei, and Hakodei. Each new week begins on Handei.

Songhaven's timeline is divided into Sessions - for every thousand years, one Session is marked. Thus, the current year and session are Session 35, year 694. The months are:

1 - Doyana; 26 days (Mahjara)

2 - Reich; 25 days

3 - Miserari; 25 days (Sempremi)

4 - Faverei; 25 days

5 - Solatine; 26 days (Viollfest)

6 - Laches; 25 days

7 - Tideau; 25 days (Liebenheit)

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