Colleen Colt
Player Spiny
Campaign Denizens of the New World
Title N/A
Race Human
Class Monk
Age 24
Gender NB
Height 5'9"
Weight  ??
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Grey
Family  ??
Affiliation  ??
Alignment NG

Colleen, Collie to their friends, was born and raised in Lusanne before deciding to travel about and see what their eyes could see, eventually getting a job as a mail courier within the Rock & Roll Delivery Service. With this job, they lived out their dream, being paid to travel about and meet all sorts of new people. Aside from this, however, Collie hasn't talked much about their personal history outside of a few odds and ends about their extended family.

Among the few stories they do tell about themselves is the story behind a small book they carry with them. Not the contents of it, mind you; It's one of the more common reads. This specific book, however, saved them from quite the nasty gash after a bad run-in with a thief who attempted to mug them for the mail they were carrying at the time, not quite expecting them to have put up such a good fight despite being unarmed. The thief's knife slashed heavy enough to tear up their old clothes, but just barely avoided leaving any permanent wounds due to the book's leather cover taking the brunt of the force. Though they lived, once the brush with death really settled in, they started to become far more paranoid of people who stare at them a fair bit. They tend to embellish the tale a bit around those who know not to take it too seriously, claiming the mugger was an emissary of death itself.

Less lightheartedly, once they had fully heard of the destructive power of Beasts, this initial paranoia became all-the-more apparent, as loud noises off in the distance also began to take their toll on Colt's demeanor when they happened. Though they know for a fact that a Beast's songs were themselves dangerous to all who hear them, that only made the focus shift from "what if i'm hearing a beast song" to "what if i'm going to hear it?"

Despite these fears, Collie has managed to live a fairly healthy life even if they're prone to the occasional nervous fidget to make sure no one's specifically looking at them. The one thing they absolutely refuse to do however is travel alone at night.

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