The Beast-hunting faction of Nola Dovreisi’s court, and of all Wintervale. Known particularly for their stealthy methods of fighting - the warriors, simply called Frozen Hearts, specialize in utilizing the snow for stealth and taking down beasts without ever being seen. They are also Lady Dovreisi’s personal guard, with warriors regularly taking shifts in her protection - some stay at the castle while others go out, etcetera. Their symbol is a small blue heart surrounded by ice - usually worn as subtle jewelry to fall in with the fashions of Wintervale.

Their opinion on the Beasts is a harsh one, insisting upon showing no mercy no matter the circumstance - even if it means a casualty on their part, the safety of the people goes above all else.

Its members are known for being quite secretive, with many also serving as informants to the queen.

Known Members Edit

Nola Dovreisi, Organization head

Lukas Rademacher, The Capable

Thief the Exiled, The Unyielding

Tatiana Baier, The Statue

Adalicia Von Wiegand, The Hollow-Hearted

Titan Stone, The Maestro

Seed, The Last Resort

Diam Mine, The Pivot

And more!

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