Derica Bruno
"If you can't win, cheat. If you can't cheat, hope you're lucky."
Player Ink
Campaign Session Five
Title N/A
Race Lightfoot Halfling
Class Rogue
Age 29
Gender Female
Height 2'10"
Weight 33 lbs
Hair Color Auburn
Eye Color Brown
Family Damiano Bruno (father), Delma Bruno (mother)
Affiliation The Rogues' Gallery
Alignment CN
Born and raised at Home, Derica Bruno all but lives her life by the creed of "fortune favors the bold." Raised in the Market District, Derica began using her love for card tricks and rigged games as a means of income 10 years ago, when her family briefly fell on hard times. It wasn't long before she was discovered by an elf only known as "Pinky" and brought to the Rogues' Gallery in the Slums, where her skills earned her permanent employment and the favor of Mars Torojic.

Though jovial and good natured, she still tends to think of herself (and those close to her) before others more often than not. She's also a shameless flirt (although she's not very good at it) who's almost never seen without her trademark cheeky smirk.

She puts a great deal of effort into her "craft," and believes that everyone is entitled to do whatever, within reason, makes them happy. Even if it's a bit illegal.

May or may not be associated with Gabriella Crispino.

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