Galahan Fac'Ilier
Galahan Transparent
"I died once. It didn't take."
Player Fox
Campaign Session Five
Title Doctor
Race Dullahan
Class Warlock
Age 1,110 (from death onwards)
Gender Male
Height 6'2"
Weight  ??
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Family Cosmas Treesong (adoptive father), Aficia (adopted daughter)
Affiliation Lavio, The Ice Ice Babies
Alignment  ??
A dullahan warlock from Ashbourne. While he was once killed by unknown means, his spirit was protected by Lavio, who ultimately revived him. In his new unlife, Galahan pursued one goal - finding his killer, and stopping them from enacting the same fate upon anyone else. The truth, however, would be far more complex than Galahan would first anticipate...

Though unable to recall his life before death, Galahan tends most of his focus towards the future - cultivating his newfound powers and doing research that would ultimately lead him to becoming a doctor and joining the Doctors' Guild. He now (somewhat reluctantly) travels with Derica Bruno and Hamlin Pyrite after a summons from King Fenzhal placed the fate of the world in his hands. Despite his often cold exterior, Galahan is not entirely as aloof as he seems - though mostly serious, he does seem to know how to have a good time when the occasion calls for it.

Holds the mysterious powers of The Vengaslow alongside Jewel Archive.

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