Elusai is a secret land that lies just beyond the Canopy. It is a nation of its own and is divided into four regions containing the kingdoms of the celestial, dragon, demon, and fey beings. Each kingdom is governed by its own royal families, and, like Home and the Canopy, Elusai does not house an Elder Giant, or any Giants at all. This is likely due to its separation from Songhaven proper.



Kingdom of the celestial beings. A beautiful place composed of several floating islands that sparkle beautifully in the sunlight. Ruled by Lucius and Neveah Zusem. They have three daughters - Artemis, Phoebe, and Persephone. More cautious than the other kingdoms, the rulers and citizens of Malaki believe that Songhaven proper is tainted by evil and go to great lengths to ensure that their kingdom has no contact with the world below theirs due to a tragedy in their past.


Kingdom of the demonic beings. A kingdom that is primarily illumninated by shades of red and black that uses roses and thorns in almost all of its decorating. Ruled by Tuoni Sarkanya. Their prince, Azrael Arach-Sarkanya, spends the first half of each year in this kingdom. The people of Shaitaan are generally free-spirited and will interact with anyone, including outsiders, with joy in general. Due to the marriage of their rulers, the kingdom is partnered with Tanin.


Kingdom of the draconic beings. A kingdom of white and red that is surrounded on all sides by a great iron wall. Composed of a militant population, guards dutifully patrol the streets every hour of every day. Ruled by Yama Arach. Their prince, Azrael Arach-Sarkanya, spends the second half of each year in this kingdom. Due to the marriage of their rulers, the kingdom is partnered with Shaitaan.

While there are real dragons in Tanin, the gold dragon has been notably missing for a long time.


Kingdom of the fey beings. Ruled by a dullahan known as "The First", the kingdom is something of a disorganized mess. In practice, the races coexist peacefully in general, but only the dullahan of Lelaine truly listen to The First as a ruler. 

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