Eoin Aigne
Eoin Aigne
Player N/A
Campaign Songhaven
Title Elder
Race Elder Giant
Class Elder Giant
Age N/A
Gender Male
Height 6'1" (Human form), 30' (Giant form)
Weight  ??
Hair Color  ??
Eye Color  ??
Family Violl Forte (brother), Avandin Cuorre (brother), Honey (sister)
Affiliation N/A
Alignment  ??
The Elder Giant of Ashbourne. A bit of a recluse, he's known for his rather standoffish personality, as well as his extensive knowledge of Songhaven as it stands presently. Despite being a bit cold to people, he's actually not hard to get along with - simply very curt in demeanor, preferring to keep most of his social interactions brief. He hates being doted upon or being praised too highly, and so spends most of his time high in the mountains of Droghamen, far away from most.

Fond of reading, he apparently has a vast personal library containing many ancient texts - as well as modern ones, and anything else he can get his hands on. Just as the rest of Ashbourne, he prizes knowledge over all other things. Despite his cold attitude, he's actually fairly willing to answer questions from people - so long as you don't take up too much of his time.

His relationship with his mortal partner Etzel is a strange one - he is the only Elder Giant to not live in the same city as his partner, and the two of them seem to barely even communicate with one another. It's unclear why the partnership was even formed - but Etzel has stated before that her partnership with Eoin is a solid one, and that their personal relationship is the one piece of knowledge that the rest of the world doesn't need as many details about.

Fittingly, his powers apparently allow others insight into the past, present, and - interestingly - some of the future.

His festival, Mahjara, is held on 16th Doyana.

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