Etzel Acroma
"All life is precious."
Player N/A
Campaign Songhaven
Title Queen
Race Dwarf
Class ??
Age ??
Gender Female
Height ??
Weight ??
Hair Color Brown (Natural)
Eye Color Dark Teal (Natural)
Family ??
Affiliation Eoin Aigne (Giant partner)
Alignment ??

The current ruler of Ashbourne, and partner to the Elder Giant Eoin Aigne. She's apparently very different from him in personality, being a sweet and polite young woman who most enjoys flitting around the libraries of Ras Comena and researching all she can. She does, unfortunately, harbor a very strong distaste towards Dragonborn - prioritizing keeping them out of her nation as much as she can - and with her power and status, is quite capable of preventing them from entering by any means necessary.

Despite her friendly exterior, most would pin Etzel as a woman who's hard to get a read on. No one quite knows any of her interests, her likes or dislikes, her history, why or how her partnership with the Elder Giant was formed...but most Ashbourners are, funny enough, not the type to probe too deeply into these things when she makes for such a capable ruler. The trust and partnership of Eoin Aigne is enough, though they don't live in the same location.

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