Gherardo Fury
Player N/A
Campaign Songhaven
Title Certified Master Chef
Race Dwarf
Class  ??
Age  ??
Gender M
Height 3'8"
Weight 157lb
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
Family  ??
Affiliation  ??
Alignment  ??
The head chef at the Sleazy Lobster bar and grill in Alta Gloria, Torrine, Gherardo Fury is best described as a solid cube of muscle and stoicism. People assume that because he doesn't display much emotion in public, Gherardo has nothing to share and would rather keep his distance from others. It's untrue though - all of Gherardo's emotions seem to come through most in his cooking. He's famed for never having made a bad dish; but just tasting what he cooks, one can tell what his true mood is at the time of cooking it.

There are various rumors that Gherardo may not be his true name, and that he wasn't always just a simple cook - evidenced in part by his various scars, incredible combat skill, and the anchor tattoo on his right shoulder.

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