Harmony Killanen
"We're gonna rock your world or we're gonna die trying! But I prefer the first."
Player Fairy
Campaign Spite Crew Number Four
Title Lady
Race High Elf
Class Bard (Combat)
Age 112 (appearance: Early 20s)
Gender F
Height 5'3"
Weight 125lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Green
Family Osayah Scavo, Akah Vis, Terra Arpeligo (wife)((!!!!))
Affiliation Queen Etzel
Alignment CG
Though born in Klagenfort, Wintervale, Harmony Killanen was always possessed with an adventurous spirit as a young girl - one that would ultimately lead to her travelling the world to hone her skills as a combat bard. Though a bit eccentric at times like most Wintervalans, Harmony always possessed a kind heart and a desire to help others - traits that ultimately led her to work for Queen Etzel of Ashbourne as her personal assistant after a chance encounter in the desert forced them to work together to save the lives of others.

Highly skilled with an electric guitar, Harmony most commonly rock and rolls her way out of problems that can't be talked around - working alongside her combat spirit Coda to face whatever the world has to throw at her.

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