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Home is the central nation of Songhaven. It is the only nation to not house an Elder Giant and is ruled by King Fenzhal and Queen Melusine. A sort of melting pot of cultures, Home rests at the very center of Songhaven and, rather than having cities, is divided into districts. It contains people from almost every corner of Songhaven and is considered the most accepting of the four nations - a perfect middle ground for all things.

Districts at Home Edit

The Castle Edit

Where the king and queen reside.

The Judicial District Edit

This is where The Law punches you in the face and you say thank you.

The Entertainment District Edit

Wanna go to a bar or see a show? Come here! Belle's Bedlam is here too.

The Educational District Edit

Hey kid, you wanna learn a book

The Arcane District Edit

You look like the kind of person who appreciates a good spell. This is where you go for that.

The Military District Edit

Home has an actual fighting force and militia, but they never really have to do much. They're here though.

The Environmental District Edit

Save the trees? Protect some animals? What's up, welcome to the Environmental district where we offer advice on plant and animal care and stuff

The Religious District Edit

If you want to pray to a god, check out this shit.

The Market District Edit

You shop here. Come here to Buy Stuff and barter.

The Slums Edit

Shady as fuck. Why would you come here? The Rogues' Gallery is here, though. Dragonborn Harlem is also here.

Fashion at Home Edit

Hey everyone let's wear Clothes (tm)

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