Iain the Starhearted
"I think a nap and a bath are in order when we get home."
Player Jupies
Campaign Songhaven
Title Starhearted
Race Human
Class Barbarian
Age 24 (Born 5th of Tideau, Year 670)
Gender M
Height 6'4"
Weight 262lbs
Hair Color Sandy blonde
Eye Color Blue
Family Rashne the Starhearted, Bodhan
Affiliation  ????
Alignment NG

A truly gentle giant, Iain subverts most immediate first impressions of him. Despite wearing an impressive array of tattoos about his arms and chest, standing a head above most folks and having a physique to match, there is little to no malice in this Ashbourne-dweller's heart.

Following the circumstances involving a certain prophecy, Iain has become embroiled in a series of visits to and from members of courts all across Songhaven along with Aife Twinpeak, Siri Favager, Revel Baccharnale and Thief the Exiled. While their misadventures have proved an excellent source of new friends and wonderful experiences, Iain really could use a day or two to himself at home to relax and let his growing anxieties un-knot themselves by working with some clay or spending the afternoon with his dad or his childhood friend.

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