Player N/A
Campaign Songhaven
Title  ??
Race Beast (?)
Class Beast (?)
Age  ??
Gender Male (?)
Height  ??
Weight  ??
Hair Color  ??
Eye Color  ??
Family  ??
Affiliation  ??
Alignment  ??
A strange and potentially unique Beast from Ashbourne, he possesses the ability to speak Common and seems to have knowledge on the origins of his kind.

In Game Edit

The Four Rogues Edit


The Sunday Crew Edit

The inner Beast of Iain the Starhearted. It seems like he's unable to remember much about his past.

Spite Crew Edit

A mysterious Beast who came to the aid of Osayah Scavo during a desperate encounter. With his help, Osayah and friends were able to escape the grasp of the mysterious entity that had threatened to crush them in the Mouth of the Universe.

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