Insecure and nervous, Jax is a greenfeather Irotori and the cook for the First Tribe of Wintervale . A bit naive and very gullible, he would usually spend most of his time gathering ingredients or cooking rather than socializing - but he loved his tribe dearly and was honored to be able to provide for them however he could. His tribe name was 'Smile Bringer'.

In GameEdit

The Sunday CrewEdit

Being one of the only two survivors after the fall of the First Tribe of Wintervale, Jax fled Wintervale in a state of grief. Through a series of unknown circumstances, he apparently found his way to the Roots and began working under Yanov Klaudius , who sent him to work in a section closer to Violl's Garden when he heard about the return of Nola Dovreisi 's anti-Irotori stance.

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