yes hello this is an item I like to call FUCK THE BELT OF GENDER SWAP

Jewelry of Change is the name for the versatile array of accessories existing in Songhaven made for the purpose of assisting transgender individuals with living comfortably. It was invented by Avandin Cuorre, and exists in various forms ranging from earrings to belts to bellybutton piercings, and is provided for free to any individual seeking them.

Properties of Jewelry of Change - Edit

  • Cannot be removed by anyone but the wearer, even in death, without their explicit consent.
  • Cannot be magically tampered with or disabled under any circumstance by anyone but the user.
  • Impervious to all physical damage, cannot be destroyed - any cracks will magically repair themselves.
  • Can grow or shrink to accommodate a user's needs, including shapeshifting.
  • Does not need to be removed for bathing and will magically aerate to accommodate one's needs.
  • Wearing several at once will not damage the user or have negative effects.

Jewelry of Change can provide partial transition as well as full transition, depending on the wearer's needs. There are support groups and programs in place for questioning individuals, and wearers are always encouraged to meet with a medical professional to discuss their unique needs. No two pieces of Jewelry are alike!

To acquire Jewelry of Change, one only needs to ask - consulting a medical professional is a quick and easy process, and temporary Jewelry will be provided to you until your custom one comes in. There is no stigma around using Jewelry of Change.

Jewelry of Change is not meant to be used for costuming purposes.

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