Songhaven's languages and respective accents:

TORRINE - Tromalti (coastal) and Tantamallti (ocean and inshore), similar to Italian or Spanish.

WINTERVALE - Hintervan (original language) and Lusa-Hintervan ('new' spin on the language), similar to German, Swiss-German, Dutch.

VIOLL'S GARDEN - Reveaux (treetop) and Dormeaux (forest floor), similar to French.

ASHBOURNE - Caeloc (cities) and Caerma (mountains and borders), similar to Irish or Gaelic.

HOME - Primarily Common, but almost anything is spoken due to it being Songhaven's melting pot. Similar to American English.

THE CANOPY - Common, some Reveaux 

THE ROOTS - Common, Ubelese 


Toriningo - The language of the Irotori, similar to Japanese...but there's also a lot of chirping and whistling, general bird-like noises.

Allegro - The language of the Giants, most similar to sung Moroccan-Arabic.

Klanga - The language of the Patchwork, similar to Turkish.

Ubelese - The language of the Ubelian, similar to Urdu.

Delusia - The language of the Beasts, seems to mostly be composed of growls and syllables and screams. Similar to nothing discernable.

Bozdama - The language of the Beyond. Similar to choral music. Cannot be spoken, but can be written and understood.

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