Lavio is the God of Death. Responsible for giving the dead safe passage to the Beyond, as well as guiding lost souls back to his mother Luka, Lavio most often presents himself to mortals in the form of a young man with eyes and hair as dark as the void, with a rope hanging loosely around his neck.

Most stories and plays depict him as a rather somber man with an unfortunate fondness for people, gentle and caring in nature despite his position.

He seems to have a bit of a hobby of amusing himself with mortals when not actually doing his duties as a God. It's not surprising for a person to have had an encounter with Lavio, so long as they are not an active follower of his.

Lavio's Realm2

Lavio's realm is said to be mostly empty - with only a vast, star-filled void, two chairs, and a table. Stories of the God say the reason for this is because Lavio's realm is not meant to be stayed in, only passed through; even Lavio himself, it is told, does not spend much time there.

In gameEdit

The Ice Ice BabiesEdit

In his mortal life, Dr. Galahan Fac'ilier was Lavio's lover. When Corruption's hold took him and drove him mad, however, Lavio felt that he had only one choice: To take Galahan's life himself, and prevent the corruption from reaching to his soul. Afterwards, when attempting to revive Galahan, he found that it would only be possible at the cost of his memories...and chose to go forward with doing so anyway, reasoning that even if Galahan could not remember him, he would still be able to live a happy life.

Though he has dallied with many mortals, Lavio has never truly loved another again.

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