Player N/A
Campaign Songhaven
Title The Fractured (by himself)

Tuner of the Gods (by the Patchwork)

Race Patchwork
Class  ??
Age Ageless
Gender Male
Height 7'6" (Varies)
Weight  ??
Hair Color Acid, radiating green
Eye Color N/A
Family The Patchwork
Affiliation The Patchwork
Alignment  ??
One of the five Patchwork. Serious and stoic, Leba spends most of his time writing songs and creating art. He seems to have decorated his mask, unlike his siblings, and dresses and speaks with a bit more formality than they do. Widely regarded as the 'friendliest' of his kind, he still won't speak on the history of Songhaven. The most artistic of the Patchwork, he lives in Lusanne - but also travels often to seek inspiration. Identifies as male.
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