Liebenheit is a celebration held in honor of the Elder Giant Hanneliese Maria-Theresia. Though it is formally held on 21st Tideau, Liebenheit is observed throughout the entire month of Tideau as a celebration of good will, kindness, and giving.

It was first celebrated by Honey herself as a way of giving gifts to those she cared about without them feeling obligated to return the favor - and in turn, these people continued the tradition the next year and gave gifts without expecting anything in return. This has continued ever since, though mutual gift giving is now far more common.

Most festivities happen in or around the city of Lusanne, though all Wintervale usually finds at least some decoration or color in its wake - many times brought by Honey herself.

There is a special kind of pastry called Linzebon that is only made during Liebenheit, and only in Wintervale.

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