Lyov A. Randemion was one of Songhaven's most famous and influential artists who created pieces that are still discussed to this day. Though not a caster or magical in any sense, Randemion had a solid grasp of optical illusions and created almost all of his pieces based around them - with works like 'The Grand Concert ' and 'What's Good?' showcasing this ability most prominently. Despite his talent, however, Randemion himself was noted to be a rather humble artist with no grand ambitions or designs; he was simply a man who loved to make art, who wanted to touch what he could of the world with his work and make things better for anyone he could reach.
Lyov lines

Full Body art of Randemion by Carlie!

He has also written a book entitled 'The Art of You!' - Part artistic advice, part self-help guide, all Randemion.
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