Mars Torojic
"I leave you fucks alone for one day, and you threaten the safety of the whole damn world. Typical."
Player N/A
Campaign Songhaven
Title Leader, Dad (by his Rogues)
Race Human
Class I mean.
Age  ??
Gender Male
Height 6'2"
Weight  ??
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Family Mona Torojic (wife)
Affiliation The Rogues' Gallery
Alignment  ??
Owner of the Rogues' Gallery and reluctant boss of many rogues; somehow, he's managed to keep them (and himself) out of jail despite the litany of awful things they've done. Though he comes off as a bit rough and cold, he's really no better than the rest of them and will happily indulge in a good drinking story or two. He and his wife Mona used to be notorious for their own underground work back in the day, after all.

Affectionately called "Dad" by his rogues, he can't decide if he hates or loves it. A little of both, maybe.

In-Game Edit

The Four Rogues Edit

You four have taken years off this man's life, how does it feel

There's so much shit, I'm gonna go through the recordings and detail it soon enough.

Session Five Edit

"Why would the king want YOU to do something?! You fuckin' STEAL for a living-- we ALL STEAL for a living!!! This is the ROGUE'S GALLERY!!! WHY THE FUCK. IS THE KING. ASKING YOU FOR HELP???"

Derica Bruno's current employer.

Theories Edit

By the Rogues - "Mars is Fenzhal."

You all know this isn't true.

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