"Don't you want to be happy...?"
Player N/A
Campaign Songhaven
Title None
Race Beast
Class Beast
Age  ??
Gender Female
Height 5'1
Weight  ??
Hair Color White/Blonde and Orange (varies)
Eye Color Blue/Dark Blue (varies)
Family  ??
Affiliation Beasts (??)
Alignment  ??
A strange and unique Beast from Torrine who is linked to Dimue Nendo.


Minuet seems to be able to manifest herself primarily in dreams - with visions of her in the real world functioning only as projections. Though she doesn't seem to have a clear idea of where she came from, she spends the majority of her time with Dimue Nendo anyway, spinning the dreams they visit into paradises for them to spend their time in. Her main desire was to find a way to live in the physical world at Dimue's side, so that they could enjoy life together.


The Four RoguesEdit

Though Minuet attempted to hunt and subdue the Rogues in a dream, her efforts were halted by the ghost of Aficia , who was watching over the Rogues in their struggle.

The Sunday CrewEdit

Against the wishes of Dimue, who struggled against her power, Minuet pursued and tormented the party in dreams, repeatedly pushing them and others into traumatizing situations. With the help of Avandin Cuorre's strange new invention and Revel Baccharnale's magic, however, they were able to subdue her and Dimue temporarily - enough to communicate with the pair for a short while and discover the location of Dimue's sleeping body. He pleaded with the party to wake him up while he attempted to keep Minuet in check, her strange madness still threatening to overcome her even with the machine's effects on them both.

Spite Crew Number FourEdit

By performing Hajanak, Celia's Song of Rest, the Spite Crew were able to calm Minuet down from the madness that was possessing her - at least enough to communicate with her and Dimue without conflict. Finding Dimue Nendo's sleeping body in the abandoned factory afterwards, they were able to resolve the issue peacefully, finding a temporary physical vessel for Minuet to reside in that could resist the effects of the disease that held her.

With the help of Dr. Liam Burns, they were able to cut her link to Dimue without harming either of them, ensuring safety for the pair. Despite her less than ideal physical form, she and Dimue seem quite happy - with young Dimue resolving to find Minuet a proper body no matter what it took. They are now travelling together - this time, outside of dreams.

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