A basic Patchwork of the Ceph rank.

The Patchwork are five beings made of metal, stone, and magic (among other miscellaneous materials) who take a humanoid shape. The way to create them has long been lost.

Initially, they were regarded by the world as curiosities despite their knowledge and understanding of the past, and they grew rather bitter and jaded with the people as generation after generation only regarded them as strange, metal beings made to be nothing more than servants.

Now that their knowledge is actually needed, though, they’re not exactly pleased. Now they’re important to the people, now they want to hear the Patchwork’s history.

They can even speak to the Giants. They can also fight, but, again, no one cared before.

They rely mostly on each other these days.

The five remaining Patchwork are Leba, Match, Oda, Rashne, and Ximun.

Ranks and Suits

Runes dictate a Patchwork's rank, while Suits dictate their station. The only remaining known ranks are:

Ceph - Servants. Generally assigned to one specific Patchwork, usually high ranking, and used to carry out tasks for them. Doesn't provide a lot of autonomy.

Gimel - Leaders. In charge of everything from directing forces, to leading assaults, to planning out tactics. Though leaders are highly respected, it's a taxing role with a lot of risk and not much reward.

Iad - Earthshakers. The Patchwork's main assault forces, ones who can draw upon the environment around them and use it to fight.

Paleth - Artists. Beyond simply painting, these Patchwork are gived with the ability to use their war paints to strengthen others in various ways and give them advantages in combat they wouldn't normally have.

Valeph - Healers. Patchwork gifted with healing abilities and vast amounts of knowledge that they can use to better the world around them.

Zade - Seers. Patchwork gifted with divination abilities. Occasionally used as spies thanks to their ability to view other areas via the use of fire.

The known Suits are:

Diamond - For Patchwork stationed in Violl's Garden.

Club - For Patchwork stationed in Ashbourne.

Spade - For Patchwork stationed in Wintervale.

Moon - For Patchwork stationed mainly in the Beyond or other outstanding locations such as the Roots or the Canopy.

Heart - Used exclusively for Patchwork of the Ceph rank; gives the freedom to move between different stations without the need for questioning.

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