Persephone Zusem
Player N/A
Campaign Songhaven
Title Princess
Race Angel
Class  ??
Age 1,575 (appears 6)
Gender Female
Height 3'5"
Weight ~44 lb
Hair Color Gold and silver
Eye Color Silver-white
Family Unknown father, unknown mother, Aife Twinpeak (Eefee)
Affiliation  ??
Alignment  ??

Persephone is the princess of the kingdom of Elusai, and the true identity of Breeze. With her full power restored, she's shown herself to be a very competent healer, with power that seems as though they should be far beyond her - but because of her celestial origins, she's capable of more than most realize.

In Game Edit

The Sunday Crew Edit

Though she hasn't regained all of her memories just yet, she seems content to stay with Aife Twinpeak at the Temple of Istus until they can clear things up.

Spite Crew Number Four Edit

Persephone has returned home to Elusai at last thanks to the help of the Spite Crew, and has remembered at last Akah Vis's previous position as a royal guard. As princess, she was able to absolve him of all guilt for the crimes he was believed to have committed and expose the truth of You. Having brought justice to him and her friends, she has now vowed to remain in the kingdom and take up her own royal duties in full while Akah Vis continues to travel, promising him a position at her side if and whenever he is ready to return to Elusai...

...and she has, of course, made the Spite Crew promise to continue calling her regularly with updates on their adventures.

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