I remember so many things all the time, I forget others very quickly.
Player N/A
Campaign Songhaven
Title  ??
Race  ??
Class  ??
Age  ??
Gender Male
Height  ??
Weight  ??
Hair Color White (?)
Eye Color White (?)
Family  ??
Affiliation  ??
Alignment  ??

A mysterious priest of Istus. Though he seems to know everything about everyone else, not much is known about him. Seems to have some sort of connection to Allia. For reasons unknown, anything non-humanoid within a 120 foot radius becomes frozen in time when he is present.

Theory Edit

It's possible that he may have some connection to Rainer Dovreisi, the deceased brother of Nola Dovreisi. Though there's no real evidence to back this claim up, other than a similar name...

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