"It is...disappointing, to have spent so long ensuring the safety of your world only to have to watch you all destroy it once more."
Player N/A
Campaign Songhaven
Title The Starhearted
Race Patchwork
Class  ??
Age Ageless
Gender Female
Height  ??
Weight  ??
Hair Color Space tones
Eye Color N/A
Family The Patchwork, Bodhan (husband), Iain the Starhearted (son)
Affiliation The Patchwork
Alignment  ??
One of the five Patchwork - The most soft-spoken and gentle of them. She finds humans fascinating and never minds their treatment of her - but is still just as detached as the others in terms of their preservation, enjoying watching their lives go by as she observes them and not caring to actually help or offer information. She resides in Ashbourne. Identifies as female.
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