Revel Pharidian Junic Baccharnale
Revel port
"A despairing damsel in a film-thin gown, chained to a rock for a ferocious dragon... I daresay he could do worse than me."
Player Banquo
Campaign Songhaven
Title Lord (???)
Race High Elf
Class Warlock
Age Late 20s (Ambiguous...?)
Gender M
Height 5'11
Weight  ??
Hair Color  ?????? (Commonly mint green)
Eye Color  ?????? (Commonly blue-to-green)
Family House Baccharnale
Affiliation Honey
Alignment Neutral Good
"If a problem cannot be solved with fine food, strong drink, powerful narcotics, or amorous company, it is unsolvable by the means of man."
"Marvelous! Let us look forward to being useless together."

Revel Baccharnale is a relatively young elf and a connoisseur of all manner of indulgences, dwelling in the Wintervale estate of the Giant known as Honey. He usually serves as her second-in-command, personal attendant, errand boy, co-master of ceremonies, and amorous companion as need arises. His arcane abilities stem from Honey's power, the giantess serving as his eldritch Patron, though the reason she granted Revel her favor is unknown to most. He has a pixie familiar named Bee.

He is observed to be warm, cheerful, and perpetually delighted to see others happy. Ostentatious, flamboyant, hedonistic, and incapable of being inconspicuous, he is never able to leave someone unhappy in good conscience. At times, his inherent frivolity seems to extend to outright detachment from the darker parts of reality, as if unable or unwilling to confront bad news or negative feelings. Using his connections and natural charm, he seems determined to hold grand (and well-supplied) parties wherever he travels, apparently carrying on Honey's legacy even beyond the walls of her mansion. Using both mundane and magical means, he changes his appearance with every passing day, experimenting with various palettes and flavoring his appearance according to his latest whims.

In truth, he has been diagnosed with a previously unknown hereditary disease which has first manifested in him. Baccharnale's Disease has a number of secondary symptoms, but the most immediately relevant one assures that his mind will degenerate, and he will die within roughly three years. This diagnosis inspired his flight from his household, his assuming a false name, and his descent into debauchery, choosing to live his remaining limited time with abandon and unrestrained delights of all kinds.

Trivia Edit

-He prays to Lavio, though does not consider himself religious.
Revel t

-He has a deep fondness for Gembre Cordial, having had a great deal of it while undergoing medical care as a child.

-Thanks to connections in Honey's service, he can arrange for banquets to be held at nearly any location he happens to be at no personal cost.

-His birthday is unknown, due to his repeated birthday parties that occur roughly five times a year at varying intervals. In actuality, he has discarded his true birthday--none know it but his actual family.

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