Seki Ritter
"Aw, shucks. I can't help but like people like you guys!"
Player N/A
Campaign Songhaven
Title Co-leader
Race Irotori
Class Barbarian
Age  ??
Gender Female
Height 5'4"
Weight 140
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue/Lavender
Family  ??
Affiliation The Second Tribe of Wintervale
Alignment TN
A redfeather Irotori, and the co-leader of the Second Tribe of Wintervale. Upbeat, charming, and eager to get to know others, Seki is outgoing and one of the few members of the Second Tribe who is eager to meet and interact with others outside of the tribe. Even for an Irotori, Seki's appearance is striking. Her eyes are unmatched shades of blue and lavender, and she bears a bright-red streak in her otherwise black hair.

Though Seki lost half of her beak during a fight against Beasts while on a soul-searching journey, she hasn't let this get her down--instead building herself a replacement for the missing half with the use of metal and some clever magic.

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