Sigrid "Siri" Favager
"Everything I do is a world first, because there's nobody quite like me!"
Player Izaak
Campaign Songhaven
Title None
Race Dragonborn Tiefling
Class Sorcerer
Age 28 (32, Wild Magic fluctuation) ("Born" 1st of Doyana, 666)
Gender Female
Height 6' 4"
Weight 250
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Yellow w/black sclera
Family Emaline Favager (Mother)

Helene Favager (Mother)
Ilaria Favager (Mother)
Tatiana Baier (girlfriend)

Alignment Chaotic Good
Bearing both the blood of dragons and of demons, Sigrid "Siri" Favager somehow spent most of her life believing there was nothing special about her. Left on the doorstep of Ilaria, Helene, and Emaline Favager on the 1st of Doyana, 666, Sigrid would grow up to be a moderately prolific performance artist and painter in Lusanne.

Settling easily into her chosen role in life, Siri's personal claim to fame was once her set of paintings entitled "Tuneless;" A foreboding series of twelve pieces that "foresaw" ways the world could end. One of these pieces, Starsmoke, led directly to Siri's involvement in the mess in Violl's Garden, along with her newfound friends Revel Baccharnale, Thief the Exiled, Iain the Starhearted, and Aife Twinpeak. In light of that whole affair, Siri may or may not have picked up a second job to go with her painting...

Siri is currently head over heels for the model and Frozen Heart, Tatiana Baier. She's also rather enamored of a certain cocky mannequin, though a minor logistical issue stands in her way first.

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