Anna "Stardancer" Forte
Player N/A
Campaign Songhaven
Title Queen, "Starry"
Race  ??
Class  ??
Age  ??
Gender Female
Height  ??
Weight  ??
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Gray
Family Violl Forte (husband)
Affiliation Violl's Warriors
Alignment  ??
The current ruler of Violl’s Garden, and one of her brightest warriors. What she lacks in power, she makes up for in speed and stealth. Her first name is Anna, but no one refers to her as such out of respect. Rather silent and standoffish to most, she is something of a mirror image to her Elder Giant husband Violl and prefers to work in the shadows most of the time.

People are often surprised by how genuine her love for Violl is, most initially assuming that the marriage was made for reasons of power rather than reasons of love - but indeed, when she's not hard at work for her nation, she's constantly at her husband's side and openly proclaims her love for her "Fiddle" at any presented opportunity.

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