Taryn Beaker
"You're scared I'll get hurt by the spooky god shit? Enh! I'm agnostic, what can he do to me."
Player N/A
Campaign Songhaven
Title Oh please
Race Undead (Masquerades as Human)
Class Rogue
Age  ??
Gender Male
Height 5'7"
Weight  ??
Hair Color None, Red (Disguise)
Eye Color None, Red (Disguise)
Family  ??
Affiliation The Rogues' Gallery
Alignment Chaotic something.
Taryn Beaker finally deserves his own wiki page, the brilliant bastard that he is. An Undead Rogue who works at the Rogues' Gallery, he sells generally shitty wares as part of his cover--in private, however, Taryn is a brilliant inventor and tinkerer, and his inventions help to keep Mars Torojic and the Rogues' Gallery afloat. He claims that by pretending to be incompetent, he ends up making more sales because people pity him...

Being Undead, he doesn't need to have a proper diet--and so, as he's told Derica Bruno, he eats nothing but cabbages.

Everyone asks me why he's hot and the reason is: Yes.

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