The region above the Skeleton Trees of Songhaven that holds the Sky Islands, or Skylands. Similar to Home, it does not house an Elder Giant (or any Giants at all) - but unlike Home, the Sky Islands are not governed by any king or queen. They are home exclusively to tiefling, dragonborn, and fey races - while others from below the trees may visit, it is reported that those who stay too long begin to suffer from strange effects...

There is a rumor that the Canopy may also be home to another kingdom only spoken of in fairy tales. But there's no proof of that so far...

The Canopy is most commonly reached by way of the Utopia Elevator. Rather than having cities, the Canopy is divided up by each of the Sky Islands.

do yourself a favor and don't fucking fall off the edge

Sky Islands in the Canopy Edit

Soprano Edit

The main Sky Island, and the largest by far. It is home to the majority of the Canopy's population, with most residential areas being on this island.

Contralto Edit

This Island is home to most of the Canopy's entertainment and tourist destinations. Attractions and landmarks abound!

Mezzo Edit

The smallest of the Sky Islands. Most religious practice is done on this Island, and it is home to the main graveyard of the Canopy.

Tenore Edit

This Island is mainly used for work and shopping - with suppliers and contractors all making their bases here.

Basso Edit

Not much is known about this Sky Island to those below the Canopy.

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