The Grand Concert is a work of art painted by Lyov A. Randemion.

A gigantic painting that takes up the entirety of the floor of a 20ft by 30ft room, it is--at first glance--a simple picture of a grand concert, where thousands upon thousands of people are attending. Upon further inspection, however, the true genius of this Randemion work is revealed: Anyone and everyone who has ever existed can be found in the crowdgoers of The Grand Concert. This includes people who had not even been born at the time it was painted, and races like the Sireni who had not yet been created. Art colleges all across Songhaven make it a point to take their students to see The Grand Concert to see Randemion's genius for themselves. Randemion himself can be found near the top left corner of the painting, where he is shown winking and raising a wine glass to the viewer--either teasing or toasting them.

Called his "love letter to the world," Randemion made a point of requesting that The Grand Concert be permanently established in an art museum at Home, not wanting his greatest work to be hosted in Ashbourne for fear that dragonborn would not be able to see it.

It is highly acclaimed by art critics all across Songhaven and is known by most as Randemion's greatest work.

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