The Mouth of the Universe is a strange cave rumored to be located on the outskirts of Klagenfort, Wintervale. Legend says that it contains a sentient spirit of some sort and speaks to those who travel too near to it in the snowy plains of Wintervale, offering temptations of all sorts to weary travellers in an effort to entice them into its depths. Those who enter, it is said, never leave - whether by their own choice or because of the entity that dwells in the cave, no one knows...

In GameEdit

Spite CrewEdit

Due to a personal request by Osayah Scavo, the Spite Crew set out to find the Mouth of the Universe to retrieve an item from within it - one which the dragonborn refused to reveal the nature of. While there, they found that the cave contained a labyrinth full of rooms that held their greatest desires - everything from favorite foods to loved ones - but managed to avoid succumbing to its' will.

In the cave's final room, Osayah found the item he truly desired - the final ingredient needed to make medicine for his dying mother. Upon seizing it, however, the group found that the entity within the cave had no intention of allowing them to leave. As the spirit within the cave began destroying the caves that they had navigated through and screamed its intention to crush them within the final room, the Spite Crew thought all hope was lost and began to say their farewells to each other...until a mysterious Beast named Innig came to their aid, opening a hidden door within the room and guiding the group through the darkness to the cave's exit. The entity within shrieked with fury as they escaped...but it could not stop them, and soon the voice of the Mouth of the Universe fell silent - and Osayah emerged victorious, final medicinal ingredient in hand.

Before the end of their adventures, Osayah and his friends would return to the Mouth of the Universe and attempt to learn more about the vengeful spirit within, hoping to soothe its' soul and bring it peace after learning more about himself in his own travels. He managed to make contact and found that the entity within was a fractured soul wounded by Corruption - one that had also lost someone dear to it to illness. With words of peace and sympathy unlike any he had ever spoken before, Osayah soothed the lost soul and helped to encourage it to return to the arms of Lavio, who would bring it peace in the Beyond

The Mouth of the Universe would go on to become a place of peace and meditation for travellers. Curiously, despite their normal rarity, large patches of Sugar Annies would come to grow at the entrance of the cave - bringing health to all who visited it.

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