The network of tunnels far beneath the soil in Songhaven are collectively referred to as the Roots. They are home primarily to Songhaven's Rootkeepers - people who tend the roots of the great Skeleton Trees - and the Ubelian. Currently, the Roots have no Elder Giant and no ruling force.

Though the Roots are mainly used for work, there are a few cities here and there.

Major Cities of the Roots Edit

Questlove Edit

The capital city of the Roots. It rests beneath Home.

Blackthought Edit

A major city, it rests beneath Torrine.

Kirk Edit

A major city, it rests beneath Ashbourne.

Hubbard Edit

A major city, it rests beneath Violl's Garden.

Rahzel Edit

A major city, it rests beneath Wintervale.

Culture Edit

An important cultural detail of the Roots is the Rotating of the Bards - a tradition in which all major cities will have music playing at all hours of the day and night. The purpose of this is so that workers in the deeper caverns, no matter how far, will be able to make their way home by following the sounds of music. Each bard or band will play for one hour before rotating out with another group.

It is a great honor to be allowed to play during the Rotating of the Bards if you are non-Ubelian.

The cities of the Roots appear to be named after important bards of their past.

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