"The Spider in the Poison Jar" is a play written by Nerle Landsworth. One of Landsworth's best known works, it's performed regularly all over Songhaven and received incredibly high acclaim at the time of its first performance.

Set in Moureau, Violl's Garden, before the time of its destruction, the play focuses primarily on and examines the lives of Sirizan Nell, a travelling salesman who deals in 'granting wishes', and Jamie Farin, a longtime resident of Moureau who has never truly seen the world.

The Spider in the Poison Jar features several recurring motifs, such as superficiality, repression, the art of lying, and death. It is one of the few plays in Songhaven to depict the Goddess of Silence, Zanthe, in a prominent role while still portraying her respectfully.

Major Characters Edit

Sirizan Nell Edit

A travelling salesman who deals in 'granting wishes'. Cold and calculating, he preys on the weaknesses of those seeking comfort in the time of Beasts and uses their desperation for his benefit...until he meets Jamie, of course.

Jamie Farin Edit

A longtime resident of Moureau who has never truly explored the world. Though he wants to leave, repeated unexpected tragedies keep him trapped in the increasingly desolate city. When Sirizan comes to town, Jamie becomes all but obsessed with him.

Zanthe Edit

The Goddess of Silence, and the story's narrator; Zanthe is responsible for both silently guiding Sirizan and Jamie through the world's turmoils and to each other, and for guiding the audience through the story when necessary.

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