Titan Stone
"Ain't nothin' a little music can't solve, babygirl."
Player N/A
Campaign Songhaven
Title Lord
Race  ??
Class DJ (Presumably)
Age  ??
Gender M
Height 6'2"
Weight  ??
Hair Color Bald
Eye Color  ??
Family  ??
Affiliation Court of the Frozen Heart
Alignment  ??

A mysterious mask wearing Frozen Heart who rarely leaves Castle Dovreisi. Due to the low profile he keeps, it seems like no one's ever actually seen what's under his mask. Reportedly, he has supernatural musical and hearing abilities that he uses to aid Nola and the other Frozen Hearts, though no one outside the castle has ever seen him in action.

Rumor says he could be a disgraced Patchwork now living in disguise, but there's no proof behind it.

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