Valgren Treesong
Player N/A
Campaign Songhaven
Title Lord
Race High Elf
Class Bard, Combat
Age 132
Gender Male
Height 5'9"
Weight  ??
Hair Color Blue (?)
Eye Color Brown/Orange
Family Cosmas Treesong (Brother)
Affiliation Honey's Bees
Alignment N
An Elven bard, and one of the elder Giant Honey's current servants. Essentially her “DJ” (despite not actually being a DJ), he keeps her parties alive by supplying the proper music and musical guests. An extraordinary violinist and saxophonist, he is highly skilled in combat and is originally from Violl's Garden. Rumor says he was homeless and playing out on the streets for money before Honey found him and brought him onto her staff, but Valgren tends to dance around the subject when asked. He's a kind man and generally tries to act for the betterment of others, though he occassionally lacks a filter and seems keen to harbor secrets.

Valgren is a Combat Bard - a type of bard who is able to transform the raw power and energy of his musical performances into a warrior (called a 'Combat Spirit') to fight on his behalf. His Combat Spirit is named Leon, and Valgren can often be seen practicing his instruments with Leon at his side.

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