Violl Forte
"Only the weak-hearted consider failure an option in the face of battle, my friends."
Player N/A
Campaign Songhaven
Title Elder, "Fiddle" (by Stardancer)
Race Elder Giant
Class Elder Giant
Age N/A
Gender Male
Height 6'8" (Human form) 35' (Giant form)
Weight  ??
Hair Color Green
Eye Color Green
Family Honey (sister), Eoin Aigne (brother), Avandin Cuorre (brother), Stardancer (wife)
Affiliation Violl's Warriors
Alignment  ??
The Elder Giant of Violl’s Garden - and the man for whom it’s named. Known for his phenomenal skill with a blade, Violl has been well loved by humans even since his younger days - when not helping to teach the people of his land how to fight, it's said he was still always with them and looking out for them. He loves acting almost as much as he loves fighting, and there's almost no time when you won't find him helping out with some production or other.

Despite this, Violl isn't known for his creativity - relying often on his mortal partner, Stardancer, to help him with most tasks that go beyond fighting, theatrics, or drinking. Never the most intelligent of the Elder Giants, it's well known that he leans heavily on many of the people who work for him to assist him when things get too detailed...and, of course, repays them handsomely for their kindness.

Of the four Elder Giants, Violl is the only one to openly display a romantic relationship with his mortal partner, having formally married her in a grand ceremony that lasted an entire month - he and Stardancer apparently travelled from nation to nation, hosting tournaments and having a wedding ceremony in each one before finally returning to the Garden to formally exchange vows.

His current blade, the Sword of Violl, was forged by Calena Novelia - and is rumored to be unbreakable.

His festival, Viollfest, is generally held from 8th Solatine to 21st Solatine.

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