"Why should I care about the lives of others when none of you ever cared for mine?"
Player N/A
Campaign Songhaven
Title The All-Seeing (Patchwork), Songbearer
Race Patchwork
Class  ??
Age Ageless
Gender Female
Height  ??
Weight  ??
Hair Color Flame tones
Eye Color N/A
Family The Patchwork
Affiliation The Patchwork
Alignment  ??

One of the five Patchwork. Ximun is perhaps the most bitter about her treatment by the humans in the past and is absolutely delighted at this opportunity to be a sarcastic asshole to everyone. She resides in Violl's Garden. Identifies as female.

History Edit

Held as a prisoner during the first war against Beasts, Ximun was forced by her captors to use her abilities of future sight to assist them in finding and destroying other Patchwork - and was horribly tortured if she attempted to refuse. Despite this, Ximun did not break under the weight of it, and often found clever ways to give the other Patchwork notice of her scrying so that they might get away before they were attacked. She was, eventually, rescued by Velua - and with her assistance, gradually began to recover from the trials she'd been put through. These days, however, she still refuses to read into the future where Beasts are concerned - the scars of her past still causing her some anxiety in that regard.

She's opened up a bit more in recent times, and notably has a soft spot for Aife Twinpeak.

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