Yuma Shareef
"Oh, dear..."
Player N/A
Campaign Songhaven
Title Dr
Race Elf
Class Scholar
Age  ??
Gender Male
Height  ??
Weight  ??
Hair Color Blue
Eye Color Blue
Family Liam Burns (like a brother), Vara Brightwater, Kara Burns, Eleanor Burns (like daughters)
Affiliation The Doctors' Guild
Alignment  ??
An inventor, travelling merchant, and the research partner of Dr. Liam Burns. Originally from Ashbourne, Yuma began to understand in his adult years that he didn't precisely agree with his nation's racist views on dragonborn - and, as a result, left to seek out life elsewhere.

Yuma is well known particularly for his inventions in the field of robotics - pioneering several important inventions that enabled Liam to create his daughters - Vara, Kara, and Eleanor. He acts as their guardian in part and performs maintenance on them whenever needed - looking out for Vara in particular whenever he travels Home.

He worships and wonders often about the God of Knowledge, Thyre, but despite extensive research, hasn't been able to find out anything concrete about his history...

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