Zepir Voight
Player Nika
Campaign Denizens of the New World
Title N/A
Race Dragonborn
Class Artificer
Age 24
Gender NB
Height 6'8"
Weight Big
Hair Color Pink
Eye Color Blue
Family Disowned
Affiliation The PC Group and Wish Works
Alignment NG
 Zepir Voight is a Dragonborn Artificer employed at Wish Works. A hugely anxious (Plus depressed) and paranoid inventor with an irate streak, however this rarely shows itself as being nice to someone is their first impulse.

 They're also autistic.

 Zepir is working on some sort of mysterious project related to the Call Stones. According to them it will "revolutionize how people exchange information and speak to each other" although they have a non-disclosure agreement not to say any more. They seem sensitive to how people treat them because of their autistic habits. They also seem preoccupied with being useful in some way and often dream of helping the world and mattering for once.

 Zepir seems to frequently struggle with romantic feelings, for some reason. Regardless, their eye seems to be on a specific person they met once, but who knows who that could be. They're remarkably tight-lipped about this.

  Seems to fear large bodies of water, how strange.

Zepir's previous life wasn't very happy. Details are scarce--all Zepir knows at the moment is that something bad happened to them, and their death had something to do with it. Luka's discouraged them from seeking anymore details about their past life until they're ready.

What in vast existence could have happened to them...? Zepir is terrified, and yet curious to know.

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